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What Innomatix


We help you find out what your vehicles are telling you. Our telematics solution is designed to bring you A LOT of DATA. Since we primarily work with customers engaged in research, development, pre-production, and testing, we make it easy to monitor in real-time as many parameters as required, whether that’s 50 or 500. Data collected is collected, verified and organized for secure access 24/7 via our web portal in the formats that you require.


  • Time Saving

    Our products save you time by taking care of data collection, storage, and management for you. We primarily work with users in vehicle research, pre-production, design, and testing, and we know how important it is for our customers to have the reliable data collection process we provide.

  • Flexible

    Our turnkey solutions let you get started with data collection right away, while our custom add-ons let you keep improving your process as your needs change over time.

  • Seamless Integration

    We work with your existing tools to provide seamless integration and immediate results. We provide many file download formats, so that downloads are compatible with your analysis tools. We may even be able to add a custom format just for you.

  • Customer Support

    We can customize your service plan to fit your needs. Our amazing customer support puts you first. No need to have any coding experience to use our systems. Engineers and non-engineers alike can use our product.

  • Fast Results

    We support real-time data collection, meaning you can detect and correct issues faster. Solving your problems is what we do. Our products are customer driven and evolve with individual customer needs, as well as changes in the transportation industry.