Configuration Tool

Our online configuration tool helps you to efficiently change your DAP’s settings. Create your configuration and then send it to your DAP wirelessly. If your DAP is not powered on yet, it updates once it is. Our configuration tool allows you to quickly change what data you are collecting, so you can get back to your tests. Our configuration tool accepts the following file formats: A2L, MDX, and DBC files.

Software Updates

Updating your DAPs from our website is easy. Simply choose the software update you want and it is sent wirelessly to the DAP. If the DAP is not turned on, the update completes the next time it is. Software updates make sure you have all of our newest features.



The system supports wireless remote multi-module and multi-vehicle ECU reflashing. We have been providing this service from or secure data website over the air since 2007.

Reflash features:

  • Issue a single request to multiple vehicles, and the system decides what updates apply to each vehicle, based on customizable data-driven logic
  • Issue a request for specific updates to a single vehicle, allowing maximum flexibility to revert files or use test software
  • Requests can consist of a single update or any number of updates to any modules in the vehicle
  • Includes customizable “safe state” checking to verify the vehicle is ready to be reflashed, and allows operator confirmation in the vehicle

Our system can provide this service to any customer, but some steps are unique for each vehicle type. Contact us to see if we support reflashing for your vehicle type. If we don’t, we can talk about adding support.