Collect video and image data alongside the data values from the CAN messages. You can set different triggers to begin recording.

A Few Example Uses:

  • Comparing where the speedometer needle is pointing with the actual speed of the vehicle
  • Comparing how much gas is in the tank with the number of miles until empty on the vehicle’s display
  • Comparing what is happening outside of the windshield and how the driver of the vehicle reacts

Images are sent wirelessly to our servers, just like every other data capture type. Video is stored locally and can be uploaded directly to your work station for review.


Website Interface

Use images to correlate your data with a picture of what is going on in the real world, either inside the vehicle or out one of the windows. Our images page allows for easy downloads and has the following features:

  • Preview a thumbnail of each photo before downloading
  • A capture time allows you to match up the image with exactly what was happening at that time
  • An image tag indicates whether the image was taken based on a certain trigger, a motion trigger, or a timed photo
  • The option to download the data for some time frame before and after the photo right from the images page
  • When downloading an image, optionally include the image tag, timestamp, and vehicle name at the bottom of the image for easy identification
  • Search images by tag to find all similar occurrences