Collect DataRight Away

Our most basic solution allows you to start collecting data right away. All you need is a proper configuration and then you are ready to plug your DAP into your vehicle and start collecting. Your data is available to you from our secure data website the first day you start collecting it. Accessories and custom solutions can be added on later, if you find you need more functionality.


Our online configuration tool helps you to efficiently change your DAP’s settings. This tool is located on our secure data website. Create your configuration and then send it to your DAP wirelessly. Our configuration tool allows you to quickly change what data you are collecting, so you can get back to your tests.

Next, make sure your DAP is properly connected to your vehicle and start collecting. This starts the real-time data collection. Real-time also allows near-instant e-mail notifications of important events, such as a threshold being exceeded or a diagnostic trouble code occurring. Watch the data on your display in real-time to validate that the right values are there and are being returned in the normal range.

Log back onto our secure data website and go to our readings page. The readings page has all of the CAN data your DAP collected. If your DAP is still collecting data and you refresh the page, newer values become available. Now, you can find your data, in the format of your choice, and download it for analysis.

If you have any issues getting this process set-up, our customer support is available to help during our regular business hours. We can help you troubleshoot any issues, as well as provide tutorials to help you get started. Some custom solutions may require one of our team members to come to you and help train your team on a new feature. We are known for our excellent customer support.