Automatic DAP VehicleAssignment

As long as your vehicles have unique and valid VINs, you never need to take any steps to assign a DAP to a particular vehicle. When the DAP is installed in a vehicle, it queries for the VIN and associates all data collected with that VIN. Then, if you move the DAP to a new vehicle it detects the change in VIN and from that point forward associates the data with the new VIN. If for any reason a VIN is not found, you still have the back-up option on our website to assign data to a different vehicle, based on the time you moved the DAP.



You have the opportunity to buy or lease our products. We help you determine what option is best for your needs and if your setup needs any added customizations or accessories. Our hardware is developed and manufactured by us, leaving out the third party. Our data logger is known as a DAP or Data Acquisition Platform. The DAP can operate over an extended temperature range and can handle the rigors of an in-vehicle environment. Our standard DAPs can handle data from 2 CAN channels, with four CAN channel options available. They have a low power sleep mode, so they won’t drain your battery. See our products page for more information.


After connecting your device, you do not need to move it or be near it to do most software updates and configuration updates. You access our secure data website anywhere with an internet connection and use it to update your devices. If you are within range of the device, use a wireless display for Android to view the data the device is capturing.

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