We provide the option of sending data over a Wi-Fi connection or using a cellular modem. We can work with you to pick the best option depending on the volume of data and where in the world you plan to use your DAPs.

No matter which method you choose to send your data if the DAP loses its connection, it can hold several week’s worth of information to send once it comes back into range. Real-time data depends on a steady connection, but we still get you your data if you lose that connection.


Cellular Modem

External modems make it easy for you to swap out an old modem for a newer version, keeping the device viable for your use longer. It also allows you to redeploy your DAP unit in a different part of the country or different part of the world, with an approved modem for that area.

We also offer the option for an internal cellular modem.


This option is used primarily for testing that is done within the range of a single Wi-Fi signal.