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Camera System


The camera system is a rugged, portable, and simple to install platform that captures synchronized still image capture, video recordings, or both, in conjunction with vehicle data. This system can give context to what is happening in and around a vehicle in conjunction with either vehicle or camera initiated events. Our still image and video recording systems can work together or you may choose to only get our still image option. We support a number of third-party camera options, allowing you to pick the features best suited to your application.

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Still Images

Set up events to trigger a camera capture, allow the camera to trigger captures on motion, or choose to capture at regular time intervals. The basic still image capture kit comes with a camera and cable for connecting it to the DAP-III, as well as a tutorial to get you started. Your images are sent back to our servers in real-time along with your vehicle data and you can preview them both on our website. Download the images for analysis or reports. Use the integrated functionality to download a single package that contains both the images and a user-specified window of synchronized vehicle data around the images.

Video Recording

Choose from motion triggered video automatically initiated by the camera or user-triggered video-on-demand. This system builds on the still image capture, by providing still images on the web portal, along with HD video recorded in the vehicle. Use the still images to determine which video events are of interest before you go through the time and expense of downloading all that video. Connect a single cable to the vehicle, along with the power and data connections to the cameras and you are ready-to-go. Our video recording system comes with all the necessary components assembled into a protective, easy-to-install frame.