Graphing Display Option

We are excited to announce our new graphing option for our display application. Our existing display shows data values in a table format, which updates in real-time. With this new graphing functionality, you can follow along and see your data change in a more visual way. This allows you to glance at the display and quickly make decisions.

This feature allows you to switch between the traditional data display mode and the graph display. Plot settings are easily configurable from our configuration tool.

Customizable options:

  • plot title- with up to five graphs available, use unique titles to identify our data
  • define parameters- pick from any of your data values
  • ¬†time scale- View a time scale from 1 minute to 1 hour
  • plot type- Choose from a line graph or X Y scatter plot
  • data points- choose whether to connect data points line-graph style or to leave them like a scatter plot

The current plot update rate is 1000 ms. The graph automatically re-scales as data arrives, so that all data values are visible.

We look forward to continuing expanding this feature with more customizable options.