Wake Monitor

  • Date: Mar 31, 2017
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What is it?

Does your vehicle ever wake-up unexpectedly? Do you miss the messages on the CAN busses because your data logger is in sleep mode? Are you worried about draining your battery while testing this issue? One of our newest specialized data collecting systems, known as the Wake Monitor, can help solve this problem. Our customers around the world are starting to collect data efficiently with this device.

The Wake Monitor is a stand-alone device which collects a CAN capture each time the vehicle wakes up and begins communicating on any of its CAN busses. The device is configurable via a setting file that is edited from the Innomatix data website.

This is the perfect passive testing device. Plug it in while the vehicle is asleep and come back later to collect your data and upload it to the Innomatix host. You can use this as way to accomplish testing during down time for a certain vehicle or overnight.

This device can help diagnose problems with a vehicle waking when it shouldn’t. Special consideration went into the design so that it can operate when the vehicle is turned off for an extended period, without draining the battery.

Normally, it can be very difficult to observe these cases because by definition they are unexpected. This solution can help catch these cases sooner, rather than later. You can have more assurance going into a release, knowing that you have a better understanding of your vehicle’s wake conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about the Wake Monitor, contact us here.